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When shopping for a portable PA system there are many things that need to be considered. While they may appear to be complicated beasts to those that know very little about them, they are actually not all that difficult to comprehend and by ensuring that what you purchase has a few key features you should be able to return home from the shop with a portable PA system that meets all of your needs.

So exactly how portable can a portable PA system be? After all, quiet a few PA systems are absolutely massive with an array of wires and different components that require entire sound crews to set up and vans to transport. Is it possible to get a portable PA system that's actually portable but also offers a professional sound? And the answer is yes. Provided you only wish to broadcast to a limited population and geographical area it is possible to get a portable PA system that is just a single speaker and not only that but one that comes complete with wheels to allow easy manoeuvrability. You can of course add further components to this but if you only require the system for events such as weddings and other such parties, you should find that this is more than sufficient.

You may be surprised to know that it is still possible to have cool features within such a small portable PA system. You've probably experienced the sound of the music being reduced and mixed with the sound of an announcement. All that this requires is a voice priority circuit which can actually be located onboard the single unit and operated by a single switch. As for other features, due to the popularity of MP3 players, it really is a must that you get a system with a USB port. There is also the option of a remote control which in my opinion can be vital if you actually wish to enjoy the event yourself. Lastly, as far as connections go you will require multiple microphone inputs and a single line input, an active line out and a speaker out. While that does sound a little bit complicated, the staff at your local store should know exactly what you're talking about (even if you don't).

As well as fancy features there are two very important things that must be remembered when purchasing a portable PA system. Firstly there's not much point in having a PA system that's compact and can easily be wheeled about the place if you constantly need to locate plugs and drag long extension cords about the place. Be sure to ask for at least a 12V rechargeable battery. These batteries can often charge in as little as 10 hours and will generally last up to 6 hours if the PA system is broadcasting music and 10 hours if solely speech time. They are also not that expensive in comparison to the rest of the system so a lot of people choose to purchase two in order to avoid the possibility of embarrassment. Another vital feature of portable PA systems that people often forget with disastrous results is that if you wish to use the PA system outside make sure you get one that is weatherproof. Even during summer, unexpected rain can occur and if it is not weather proof, not only will the event be ruined but so will your system.

Should you remember all of the points mentioned in this articles, you should have no problem finding the correct portable pa system for your needs. You should also remember that the majority of retailers that sell PA systems have staff that are highly knowledgeable in this area so never be afraid to ask about what you don't understand.

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