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Many people purchase expensive PA Systems, set everything up and then find themselves disappointed with the resulting performance specifically in the area of sound. They do not understand how it is possible to spend so much money and yet not get a get a professional sounding PA system. In the majority of situations such poor sound is the result of one of the following mistakes. Each is capable of greatly reducing the PA systems sound quality and I will now outline them.

What a lot of people do not realise is that a PA system is only as good as its weakest component. It is not enough to purchase expensive speakers of professional quality and to automatically expect to get professional sound. The quality of the systems components needs to be consistent and that includes both the microphone and the cables used to connect everything together. This may sound surprising but I have heard many highly expensive PA systems sound cheap because of a poor microphone. Considering they are the cheapest component of the system, you should always make sure that you purchase the highest quality that you can find. And as far as the cables are concerned, just because they connect to your components does not mean they are the correct choice. There is a massive difference between cables that are designed for use with audio and those that are not, therefore always choose cables specifically designed for audio use.

Now, while the above two problems are quite easy to rectify, if you are experiencing a lot of distortion, this is the fault of the amplifier and this can be quite expensive to fix. Sadly, if you have not purchased a non distorting amplifier then you need to replace it. If you are experiencing a lot of feedback on the other hand this can be fixed free of charge provided you know what you are doing. Feedback is generally caused by the components simply being arranged in the wrong positions. While, there is far too many techniques to reduce feedback to describe them all in this article, I can tell you that feedback is rarely the fault of the PA system, it is just that everything has been set up in the wrong positions.

This article has described the four most common reasons for poor sound from professional quality PA systems. My advice to you is that if you cannot find the solution in this article than you should return to the place that you purchased your PA system. It is possible that one of your components is malfunctioning, there are also a few components types that are known to conflict with each other. Provided you have purchased your PA system from a store specialising in sound equipment, the staff there are likely to be knowledgeable enough to find out what the problem is.

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