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There are numerous advantages to going down the rental route if you require a PA system. The first advantage is that a PA system that is of sufficient quality to produce a professional sound can be very expensive. If you do not wish to make regular use of such a system, the price can obviously be very off putting. While it of course makes sense for a band to purchase their own PA system, if you solely need a system for your daughters wedding, exactly how many times are you expecting her to get married? You don't want to be left with a hole in your pocket and a shed full of sound equipment that you have absolutely no use for. For most people, this is the primary reason for PA system hire but it is in fact not the reason that I went down it.

If you are not one of the very few people that know all about PA systems inside and out, then heading into a store and purchasing one can be a very difficult task and a stressful experience especially when you consider the amount of money involved. When you go to a rental company, you can simply tell them what you wish to do with the PA system and they will do the rest of the work for you. There are a lot of respectable companies that offer PA system hire and many will not necessarily make more money by renting you the fanciest equipment that they have. Therefore you know that you are getting solely what you need and that you are not dealing with some commission hungry sales guy looking to sell you the most expensive equipment possible.

The second reason I choose hiring over buying is that many PA system hire companies include delivery, set up and removal within the price. PA systems can be very large and even if they weren't they can be close to impossible to set up by someone that knows very little about them. When you purchase a system, the most you will get is delivery. You will then be left with getting it to the event, a ridiculous amount of wires and sockets that make very little sense indeed and should you manage to get it all working and the event goes off without a hitch, you still have to pack it all up afterwards and get it back to your place.

By going down the rental route, you just give them the place and the time and that's you free to enjoy your event. And that's pretty much exactly why I choose PA system hire over buying, the massive reduction in stress. While the saving is of course attractive, it's actually the ridiculous amount of headaches that the service removes that ends up being the most promising aspect. There's also the small fact that they are professionals who unlike you and me know what they are doing and you definitely aren't going to have to explain to your daughter and to a very large crowd that you don't know why there isnít any music playing.

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