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I have known quite a few DJs that know very little about their PA system and have made very poor decisions when making this essential purchase. Considering the extent to which a DJs job relies upon his equipment, the quality of the sound it produces and its ability not to malfunction at the worst possible moment, I don't really understand how more thought is not put in to the purchase. Many a DJ will spend endless hours perfecting their craft and then turn up to work with a poor DJ PA system that simply does not adequately showcase their skills and in fact hinders their ability to do their job properly. And even more surprisingly, the problem often isn't about the quality of the sound that it produces

The first thing that any DJ should be aware of is that it is possible to get a highly portable DJ PA system with all the professional features that are required to put on a professional show. I see many DJs dragging heavy equipment complete with an endless array of wires from their cars to the club. The setting up and then dismantling of such systems adds an additional hour of unpaid work on to every gig. I therefore strongly advise that if you are purchasing a DJ PA system, consider portability as one of the key factors when making your choice. That is of course unless you enjoy untangling wires every night.

The second thing to consider is also not related to audio quality, it is simply reliability. Nobody wants to hire a DJ that has a DJ PA system that frequently malfunctions. It is perhaps the most unprofessional thing that a DJ can do; it leads to loss of earnings, a loss of repeat business and a loss of respect. And as it always seems to happen at the worst possible time, it often leads to ridiculous levels of embarrassment. Therefore before you consider audio quality, consider portability and reliability and put these characteristics at the top of the list of what you want from your DJ PA system.

Provided you have found a portable and reliable DJ PA system, you should now be free to consider audio quality. While many DJs understand what they are doing in this area, surprisingly there are still a few that go to clubs with their friends and wonder to themselves why they don't sound as good as the DJ there. Often the reason for this is solely because they are using cheap equipment. The simple fact is you either consider yourself a professional or you do not. If you are a professional and you want to have a professional sound, you need to invest in professional equipment. Brands such as Yamaha and Peavey, sure they cost more but sadly there is a reason for it. Basically my point is if you are passionate about your job and want to actually make a career out of it, you simply need to have professional equipment that can adequately showcase your skills. Otherwise you will only ever be known as an amateur.

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