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Attempting to buy a cheap PA system can be pretty daunting. Even the cheapest are pretty expensive and despite not having all the functionality of professional systems, there are definitely enough options to confuse the hell out of most people. Despite this, it is in fact possible to cut corners and still get a professional sound provided of course you know what corners to cut. So first I will start with the places that you unfortunately do need to aim for quality.

The one place that it is definitely worth spending money is on the microphone as no matter how cheap you want your cheap PA system to be, a poor microphone is the wrong place to save some cash. I have heard many PA systems that actually consist of really high quality equipment sound terrible due solely to a cheap microphone. Not surprisingly, the speakers of the PA system are also very important. Like many aspects of a PA system, the key with purchasing the speakers is to know what you intend to do with the PA system. Therefore you need to assess the size of the venue and the likely attendance. Then only purchase the power that you require. By doing this, you should be able to purchase professional speakers without blowing your budget. Lastly, cables seem like the perfect place to cut corners but the fact is cheap cables break and when they break, you come across as the very stupid person who can't get his cheap PA system to work. You also end up having to purchase new ones which renders the saving you made null anyway. Only buy thick, heavy cables that are designed for audio use. Unfortunately if you don't, you will end up paying for it.

Now a good place to budget yourself is with the mixer. This device is required to mix and route all audio from the PA systems core components to its speakers. The only thing that you need to be aware of is that different mixers have different amounts of channels and each core component requires its own channel so you need to ensure that the mixer you purchase has the required amount. Mixers vary widely in price and buying a very expensive one does not necessarily increase the sound quality all that much, so this would be a good component to buy on the cheap. Next there is the amplifier; the only real requirement for the amplifier is that it is non-distorting. Other than that provided it has sufficient power to support your speakers there is very little reason to spend large amounts of cash.

So in conclusion, purchase a high quality microphone, some professional speakers and some strong cables that will last a few years. Then cut back and buy a budget amplifier and mixer. I would also advise you to not necessarily purchase big brand names. Due to the nature of the products target market, there are some ridiculous prices out there that aren't even remotely warranted. Provided you follow all this advice, you should be capable of purchasing a high quality but cheap PA system without blowing your budget.

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