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If you know very little about PA systems, such technology can be a little bit confusing but you should be aware that you do not need to fully understand it in order to make the correct purchase for your needs. The majority of companies that sell these systems have staffs that are highly knowledgeable about the subject; therefore you really donít need to be. There a few common mistakes that people make however which I will now outline. By far the biggest mistake that people make is not fully explaining themselves. Due to the wide variety of PA systems available, it's very important that you fully explain what you intend on doing with it when making the purchase. People often assume that all PA systems are the same and can handle all applications. This is not the case so if you require a feature, make sure that you request it.

The next thing to remember is that all components of a PA system depend on each other and it is very easy to cut a corner, have a weak link and the quality of your PA system can be greatly reduced. One particular thing that people tend to try to save money on is the microphone. A high quality microphone is likely to still be the cheapest component of your system and if such a microphone is not purchased you simply will not get a professional sound.

Another area where people attempt to save money on is the cables. People stand in the Electronics store staring at a strangely wide selection of cables and simply have no idea which ones to buy. They assume that it makes no difference but this is in fact far from the case. You need to purchase cables that are designed for audio use, you can without a doubt tell the difference between those designed for audio and those that were not. Secondly, they are the one part of your PA system that will frequently be dragged along the floor, so remember this when making your purchase and buy thick, heavy cables that arenít going to break after a few months.

Another mistake that people often make is that they buy the loudest speakers that they can afford. This is not always the correct decision. Your guests do not want ringing in their ears. They want to hear the music and dance, anything louder and you're wasting your money and irritating the neighbours for no reason whatsoever. So in conclusion, don't spend too little on microphones and cables and don't spend too much on speakers. Maintain a consistent level of quality across all components as a single weak link can greatly reduce the quality of sound. Lastly and most importantly, always fully explain the intended application of your PA system. If you follow all of this advice, you should find that purchasing the system is actually a lot less complicated than trying to understand how it works.

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